10th March, 2012

6th February, 2012

Ang mga lalake, sa una lang sweet.

posted 2 years ago

As in?

13th January, 2012

Stop expecting! That’s why you keep on getting hurt!

posted 2 years ago

Note to self.

30th December, 2011

Sometimes, it’s not the pain that makes you suffer. It’s our own negative thoughts that seem to make things worst.

posted 2 years ago

29th December, 2011

Every girl needs reassurance.

posted 2 years ago

She needs you to tell her, prove to her, reassure her that she’s exactly the right one for you. Maybe not all the time, but how hard is it to do it once in awhile? Don’t make her doubt you. Who doesn’t like consistency? She just wants to know that you won’t wake up one morning and feel any differently. ♥

25th December, 2011

We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmaaaaaaasss…

posted 2 years ago

…and a Happy New Year! Maayong Pasko! :D
Happy birthday, Jesus! <3 

21st December, 2011

Dear Boy…

posted 2 years ago

I’m sorry that sometimes, I get a little jealous, thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could.

May Mga Tao Talagang Gaya- gaya!

posted 2 years ago

Kapag may nakuha kang RARE o kakaiba sa paningin ng iba, syempre magtatanong sila kasi curious sila. Tapos pag di mo sasabihin, pipilitin ka. Sorry, ayoko magsabi eh kasi pinaghirapan ko yung hanapin tas gagawin mo lang na COMMON?! No way! Tas ngayon, ginaya mo na. Goodluck. AKO PARIN ANG NAUNA!!! Bet ko lang, pangit yang sa iyo. SUBSTANDARD. Insecure ka kasi. Nagawa mo lang yan kasi di ako nagsabi. Hahaha! Goodluck! Tignan nalang natin pag nakuha ko na yung akin/ amin >:)

PS: Ayoko lang kasi na ginagaya ako. We got originality and insecurity issues here! Get a life! 

4th December, 2011

Girls Must Be Loved

posted 2 years ago

Girls must be treated nicely, the way they ought should be.

She must not remain an option but a choice a guy makes.

Girls does not want to be treated second or even last to the boy they always treat first.

She isn’t someone that a guy must treat like a person who is there only when needed.

She must be treated as the girl who the boy needs all the time.

It makes a girl cry when she is treated unfairly.

She may be called an attention- seeker but a guy must know that she just wants all the guy’s love more than anything else.

A guy must also realize that he and the girl have different attitudes. The guy must not compete with what the girl has and it is not the girl that must tolerate— it is him.

To a girl, a day or moment with his guy is something very special. Guys must be aware of that.

A girl does not mind all the tiredness that she feels when he is with his guy. That moment is special. Guys must not let the girl feel that she is too tired to go with her too.


3rd December, 2011

I always expect, therefore I always hurt myself.

posted 2 years ago

28th November, 2011

3rd September, 2011

I SHOULD never expect, never demand and never assume. I SHOULD KNOW my limits, where I stand and my role. I SHOULD NOT get affected, get jealous and get PARANOID (;p). I WILL JUST GO WITH THE FLOW AND STAY HAPPY! ♥

posted 3 years ago

My Facebook status last January 10, 2010 :)

A Disabled Lady Gave Me Hope

posted 3 years ago

It was a very hot afternoon of September 27 of the present year when we attended the Kaya Natin! Caravan for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership in one of our university’s function room. The place was filled with students sitting down and even on standing position. I really never thought that the impact of the said forum that was going to happen interested many students. After a short while of idling, the emcee acknowledged the presence of the guests and of them was Governor Grace Padaca. I never had the chance to get a good view of her since my seat was nearly ate the very back and people were still flocking when she entered. It was when she stood up to speak that I got to see her and her disability.

I said to my mind when she stood up, ‘he is indeed a very attractive person,’ The smile on her face never gave me a clue that she has an ailment. Her jolly aura made me think she was a typical political leader, but she was not. I can’t believe that she is a polio victim on clutches. I looked at her often even though it was hard to see her from the back. But even she was on clutches, it made me forget her disability when she talked about her life, her story, and her experiences.

Gov. Grace started her speech on a very jolly and student- friendly manner. It gave us an impression that she is really worth listening. She smiled once in a whilw and even spill jokes, too (I remember her anecdote about her being a CPA- Certified Public Accountant/ Certified Public Announcer). Her experience of being bullied and teased about her ailment wasn’t really something new, but Gov. Grace, as what most of the people calls her now, did not make her ailment a hindrance. She read books instead and explored many worlds for free and without limits. This made her very competitive in school and even graduated as a cum laude. She would also listen to the radio, making her want to be a radio announcer, which indeed was fulfilled later on her life. But what made me admire her the most was her bravery to challenge and eventually best the dynasty that ruled their place. She never thought of winning. Her thoughts were just of serving her fellowmen. But see, she did it despite of her disability. It never became a hindrance to her success and blessing that are really overflowing until now.

I know I have my own limitations in life and I also fear things. Gov. Grace made me understand what this hindrances are meant for. They are indeed meant for our future success because this thing never comes in handy, and as the famous dictum goes, ‘easy come, easy go.’ I may be just an ordinary person right now and I can never tell what’s ahead of me. But if I can do my best to make everything as I want it to be, I know I can because I have all the capabilities. Lucky for me, I am as able as a normal person. If Gov. Grace did it and is still doing it, why can’t I?

I, as a college student was indeed very inspired by the wisdom she shared unto us during the forum. Even though I can barely see her from my seat, just the point of hearing her talk inspired me because indeed, she was a very good and effective speaker. I believe she didn’t only touch my heart but the hearts of all who heard her. I just listened to her and indeed, I never knew I did listen with my heart.

1st September, 2011

It’s better to set things straight. It would make you feel better, trust me.

posted 3 years ago

If you feel angry to someone, tell that person straight. But be sure don’t let all the anger go ahead of you. Confront that person and tell how you feel. That would somehow be the good way to let all the hurt out of you. And through that, you’d hear the other side and understand the situation well. That would be good and I think that would make things okay.


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